Log-In page FAQ’s



Having problems logging in?


Problem:  You enter your registration code and get this error message: The registration number you entered is not valid. Please try again.


Resolution:  Some registration codes are hard to read, as it may be difficult to tell the difference between the number 1 and the letter l, or the difference between the number 0 and the letter O. Try a Copy and Paste from the original registration code you were given into the field when registering. Or, try typing in the various possibilities of 1 and l, or O and 0. If this still does not work, contact your Customer Service Rep or Sales Rep to make sure you have the correct registration number.





Problem:  After you enter your user name and password, you get this error message: The username or password is not valid or has not been registered. Please enter a new username and password.

Resolution:  You may have not yet registered. Please use your registration code and register. Then you can create your user name and password and use them to log in. If you don’t yet have a registration code, please contact your Sales rep or Customer Service rep.

If you have already registered, you may have mistyped your user name or password. Note that the username and password are case sensitive. If trying it again still does not work, you may be using the incorrect user name or password. Click on the Forget your username or password? link and give us your email address to receive the correct user name and password by email.

If, by chance, your email address has changed since the time you originally registered, our automated email with your username or password will not get to you. Please contact Customer Service or Technical Support to get your information updated. You may then need to re-register as your email address is linked to your user name and password.





Problem:  When attempting to Register for the site, the user clicks the Register link on the login page.  After doing so the user receives this error message: Page Cannot Be Found


Resolution:  The problem could be caused by a browser/computer configuration that implicitly restricts access to this site (and possibly other sites which have a secure login page).  The resolution to the problem is to define the site as a “trusted site” in the browser settings.  To do so:



Microsoft Internet Explorer (I.E.) Users:


  1. Open an Internet browser and select Tools, Internet Options from the browser Menu.


  1. Next select the Security tab


  1. Click on once to highlight the Trusted Sites icon toward the top and then click the Sites button to the right and below the icons.


  1. First make sure that the check box toward the bottom of the dialog is unchecked.


  1. Then add the name of the site to the trusted zone. Make sure to add both http and https versions of the site name:


    1. Example:


and              https://www.NameOfSite.com



  1. Save the changes and then close the browser and open a new browser session and try to access the site and register.




  1. AOL Users:


Make this site a trusted site in your AOL browser


  1. Click on the Safety icon


  1. Go to Parental Control


  1. Click on the screen name you wish to access the site with


  1. Click the Edit Web Control button


  1. Click Web Unlock


  1. Directly type in a site to override by clicking "Add more sites."




Additional AOL Version 9.0 Problem:  If you have made the changes listed above, and if you are using AOL Version 9.0, you may be able to log-in but you may keep getting returned to the Log-In page.


Resolution:  Connect to the Internet through your normal AOL browser. Once you are connected, minimize the AOL browser (hit the Minus button) and then open up a separate Internet Explorer (IE - Microsoft) browser. Navigate to the site through this browser. The site should function properly from IE.